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Handcrafted Soaps

Wyre Naturals offers a healthier alternative for feeling and smelling fresh. Owner, Veronica Wyre, produces a variety of traditional handcrafted soaps made with premium oils.

The soaps at Wyre Naturals, contains organic, natural and wildharvested ingredients that will leave your skin feeling great. Each bar of soap has been handcrafted from the most natural ingredients. With our Naturals & Essential Soaps, you can avoid the risk of harmful additives.

At Wyre Naturals, all soap batches are created the old fashion way, using a technique handed down from generation to generation. Each soap has been hand cut and air dried to create a mild bar. Due to their handcrafted nature bars may vary slightly in size and color. 

Naturals Soap(N)

No scents added, you`ll love the earthy smell of the natural aromas due to honey, grains, flowers, spices, herbs or infused oils and waters. These scents tend to be very mild. Unscented/Bare soap also available.

Essentials Soap(E)

For those that prefer a stronger scent, some products

are enhanced with natural plant essential oils (e.o.).

Fragranced Soap(F)

The un-natural part of these soaps is fragrance;

fragrance oil is synthetic and in my soap recipe is

about 2% of the overall total.

Seasonal Soap (S)

These soap scents are seasonally inspired. When available

I use Cecil County`s seasonal herbs, flowers and botanicals

to create exciting new combinations. Available in Limited quantities.

The scents are just right!

Ask about matching bath & body products

NOTE: These products are made for external use only. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please use your discretion when purchasing something for yourself or another person. All products are tested on willing family members and friends. No claims are made or implied. I want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience with my products.

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