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Please Contact Us if your question is not answered below...

What are your business hours?

I take messages 24 hours by phone, and do my best to return calls as prompt as possible Monday-Friday 5-9PM & Saturday 9am-9pm Eastern time. I am available in person at local events check out the Events page.

Where are you located....can I pick up orders?

Yes. You can pick up orders from any of my booths at local events in and around Cecil County, Maryland. Please remember, I do not have a retail store, so you must place your order ahead of time by e-mail or through the website.

Check or a money order :

When your order is placed and confirmed, I pull the soaps available, make more soap as ordered and box them up at that time. The order waits until payment arrives.You can mail me a check or a money order for the amount due, If I have not heard anything for two weeks, I will send one reminder email.If there is no response after 30 days, those soaps will be placed back out for sale and your order canceled, since it will be assumed you've changed your mind.It's always nice to be told if this is the case, but if there's no reply either way, I have to assume that the soap is no longer wanted.When the check clears, or the money order arrives, I ship your soaps ASAP.

What is your shipping method?

Right now for all zones it's the cheapest to go with Flat Rate Priority Mail.

$5.60/ $12.35/ $16.85 depending on purchase.

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